Waiting for the Storm

So ive not written anything in a little while and from looking around at some of the other writers who are more Trollblood focused I don’t think this is an uncommon theme. I feel the general feeling from the more competitive players is that Trolls aren’t in a great place, which I agree with to some degree although not completely; for me personally it’s a strange side effect of the recent CID.
For a while after release of the Mk3 we played, tested, built, rebuilt and lots of players were feeling pigeon holed by the difficulties in cracking armour (or the perception of this issue) and the limitations of the changes to animi and reduction in the effectiveness of our infantry. So, people had already started to question if the changes to Trolls in the transition were enough, why there wasn’t really anything new and why outside of a beast brick our lists were narrow. Then PP announces that its overhauling Skorne and do a great job at fixing lots of bits and making the Skorne community reinvigorated and excited to play. The Skorne update was done outside of the CID and so when it went live it was instantly accessible, everyone knew the rules or could at least look them up and you could play them at events.

I think it was five months of waiting between the Skorne update and the Northkin CID. During that time i played some interesting games, fiddled with some casters and played the game at a less intense level, mainly since I didn’t think you could play Trolls at the top tables without going into most popular matchups at a disadvantage. I started this blog and used my time to explore some other things I enjoy. I’d seen the Grymkin CID and not really engaged with it but been curious about the process, then the Cygnar Trenchers CID, and I looked at the stats and thought “oh that’s cool,” when they rebuilt Kraye and made him, in my opinion an interesting and fun looking caster to play.
Then the Northkin CID went live. And wow, some many great rules, a new interesting caster, a load of units and models that gave trolls some abilities and rules that we’ve not had before. This on its own would have been great but I think I might have been more pleased with the way in which PP and community through feedback went and fixed some many issues with existing models. Champions getting Sanguine Bond is very strong and along with +1 pow enables them to get to and kill heavies. Points reductions on the Earthborn and Sea King will mean they’ll see play. Winter Troll being brought up a notch and adding useful abilities means it’ll see play. Mulg and his all changes are great and give us access to an Arc node which is something else that’s new and exciting. Changes to the Kriel Stone opens up so any options and really makes it the centre of the army again but without feeling like such a tax. Finally the big changes to Madrak and Borka 2, the smaller changes to Grim and Borka 1 feel like we have three new casters to play with; all of whom are better and more focused.

So where am I going with this? Well after the CID ended, start of August I was still really exicited, I played a lot of games with the new Madrak 1 and Kolgrima, I’ve been looking at Borka 2 lists, I painted my converted Borka 2 and finished a few other bits but the problem I’ve been having is I’ve not had any interest in playing in a tournament. The UK nationals came and went, I would have liked to have gone to see people and hang out but whenever I looked at putting some lists together I found it hard to get excited about the “old” rules. The rules the current models have don’t really interest me, we’ve seen what I hope is a pretty close to final reworking of the CID models which I’m excited to play but I find this kind of reinforces what a lot of players said since Mk3 was release. “Hordes, didn’t get the attention that Warmachine did,” “Trolls are in a bad place and have some design flaws,” etc, etc. The problem is, in some ways the CID confirms that some of the negativity was accurate and I’m not sure how I feel about that. Personally, I think that as soon update hits Warroom it’ll be fine but I feel that until that happens it’s like I’ve seen the holy grail but then had it taken away and won’t be returned for an unspecified time so I’m sat waiting.
I think this is a result of the CID being new and PP still looking at exactly how they are going to implement the changes in the CID and I certainly think that they should review all the suggested changes to ensure that things are balanced and there’s no unexpected interactions; but at the same time, its killed my interest in playing competitively until I can play the new “fixed” stuff that I think will be so good for the faction.

So that’s where I’m at, and it’s a funny place. I’m very excited for the new models and rules but also in limbo as I don’t want to play my “bad” (read pre-CID) trolls.
Is anyone else feeling like this? Is it because I don’t play another faction and so can’t distract myself by playing anything else? I really want to play but with the new rules, do we think this will be a theme for factions going through the CID? Until then i guess im just waiting for the Troll Storm to roll in.


3 thoughts on “Waiting for the Storm

  1. I pretty much completely agree. I have a Convergence army I basically haven’t touched in Mk.III that I brought out for a CID game, and I played a few games when people let me play CID rules post-CID. But I had a tournament, and had a heck of a time coming up with live rules lists. When I finally came up with something, it was probably sub-optimal, and was a bit crushing. Since then I’ve ended up really in the waiting game.

    Hopefully next week!


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