The Only Way is Up

So as most of you reading this will have read the Trollbloods finished the recent WTC with the lowest faction win rate all the Warmachine and Hordes Factions. I’ll just leave that there to settle.

So, what does this mean? Well nothing really in my opinion. I think that the WTC is the best event in the planet, if you’ve never been you should seriously try. There’s a solo masters event, the best players in the world get together to play in the main event, it’s got some the highest quality streaming and one of the only places where over 400+ people who are passionate about WMH get together to drink, talk and play. What it isn’t is a solo players event of great size and all the data coming out of it doesn’t include the solos event that is there. So whilst the Trollblood stats coming from the main event tell us that at the WTC the Trollbloods did poorly I think that as a group of players we should use this as a string board rather than that we can never win because our faction is bad. I think often in communities the vocal players who cry foul haven’t play that many games or are blame the models for their poor play.
So where do we go from here? I think i heard it on the Swedish Podcast Moot Point that they felt that the Trolls struggled in the meta at that time because we played “Too Fair”. By this I think they meant we couldn’t affect our opponents game plans enough or ask them questions they would struggle to answer with our lists. I think that at the time this was a fair point but I think soon we will have the tools to push our lists into some pretty challenging places. I think Kolgrima gives us a Cloud wall, shutting down charging and gun lines. Madrak 1 allows a pretty tasty Def skew. Champions who can get into melee and be high def is something new, finally the changes to Grim 1 gives us a Feat that can time walk many opponents.


I also agree that actually we need to try and solve the challenges of the meta by looking for solutions with what we have rather than asking PP for answers. Ive seen some great list design from players I really admire. Andy Garrard when faced with the Ghost Fleet problem created a very strong answer in Grissel 2, Bouncer, double Warders with Sorcerers and Fennblades in Band of Heroes. The list could shield guard the rifle shots from the Fennblades and the double warders meant that the opponent couldn’t get more than 4 shots onto a parasited unit of warders as you could shield guard to the unparasited unit and then remove the parasite with the Sorcerer. If Denny wants to reparasite then she need to go low and with Grissels gun she is always threatened. Andy played to list into Ryan Evans, Ghost fleet and Andy McBirnie, Ghost Fleet probably the top two Cryx players in the UK and won both games. Andy is a very good player but my point is that he saw a problem that people felt was dominating the meta, looked at what made the list so dangerous and then build a list that could counter those threats and bring solutions of its own.
Moving forward, in November we will be getting lots of new tools which I’m confident will enable us to answer lots of the current problems. I think that currently Cryx as strong obviously with the Dark Host – Ghost Fleet, Grymkin with Dreamer, Child and Heretic usually in Dark Menagerie and Cygnar Hayley 2&3 with Storm Striders and/or Lances. Id encourage the players to look at what makes these lists strong and craft a pair to answer them.
For example the Grymkin in a Dark Menagerie are a beast based brick, that’s looking to grind out games and ask a very serious question as its able to shield guard guns with Crabbits, Cancel spells with Cage Ragers, block charge lanes with Gremlin Swarms and on top of these theres the Arcana to contend with. However ive looked at this problem and believe that out threating them with multiple high damage models enables you to win the game, you take too many of the heavies on your alpha for them to come back and had to be very careful because if they come too far forward them you can kill the warlock.

The list ive build (although using the CID rules) is
Doomshaper 2 – Power of Dhunia
– Runebearer
– Mulg
– Mauler
– Earthborn
– Axer
– Brawler
– Night Troll
Troll Whelps
Northkin Shaman
Max Krielstone + Elder
Dhunia Knot
The knot, night troll and Shaman are flexible but the core of the list looks to throw the beasts at the brick and kill the Heavies. Primal Shock kills Swarms, Aggitation causes all the beasts to become a burden. Ive played it twice and won both against very good Grymkin players. I think ive a list in my head that I can pair with it to play into the Cryx and Cygnar but ill leave that for another article.
So in summary, I think we need to be more creative, look to answer the meta rather than continue to play Doomshaper 3, and see what we can come up with. As a last point I think the Sea King works really well into brick lists.

What are you looking at that you think solves the meta?





2 thoughts on “The Only Way is Up

  1. Kolgrima, probably in PoD with Mulg for lots of anti-magic. Combined with the Cloud Wall it seems like you could build it to be strong into Cygnar and Cryx, and it has tools into infantry from Kolgrima and natural PoD strength into heavies (combined with Hunter’s Mark for some range extension).

    The problem here I suppose is the list sounds a lot like your Doomy2 list, so it’s probably not a good pair…

    I’ve also been thinking about a lot of different infantry lists with all three Madraks.


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